Raise The Flag & Sound The Cannon

Raise The Flag & Sound The Cannon
"Raise The Flag & Sound The Cannon" formerly titled "Raid From Hell" by Don Davison is the historical novel recounting the 1864 raid on St. Albans, known as the Northernmost battle of the civil war.

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"Living as we do in this bucolic out of the way rural setting, it is easy to assume that History is something that happens somewhere else...

Read the Sherbrooke Record Book Review from April 24th, 2009

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"Just finished the book this evening. What a pleasant way to spend a couple of rainy days.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

I really find a it very unique when an author takes a historical event and historical characters and blends in fictitious characters and fill ins.

The character John Rumsey is masterfully blended into this event without detracting from the real life characters and the raid itself.

I guess the biggest complement came this morning when I had laid the book down at the breakfast table and my wife picked it up.

Keep in mind while she loves history she could care very little about the details of the Civil War. But after about 5 minutes of skimming the book she asked me when I was finished to pass it on to her "because it looked very interesting".

A book well written--Kudos Don!!

Ken Sullivan
Plymouth, Michigan

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"The Wide Spread and Free Soil of the Yankee" by Don Davison. An insight into the author and his telling of the story of the raid of 1864.


Setting the scene of the American Civil War and how the St. Albans of the 1860's played such a key role role

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"Raise The Flag & Sound The Cannon".

he musical-theatrical
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Don Davisons' book


Donald Davison"Raise The Flag & Sound The Cannon"
by Donald J. Davison

formerly to be published with the title "Raid From Hell"

Available online at: Brome Lake Books
or from the publisher: www.shorelinepress.ca
or purchase directly from the author by contacting:
Donald J. Davison
52 - 400 Lakeside, Knowlton, Quebec, J0E 1V0

Technical details of the book:
Trade paper 6" x 9" | Hard cover 6" x 9" | 69,287 words | Font; Garamond | 216 pages (approx.) with illustrations and maps
Published by: Shoreline Press , 23 Ste. Anne, Ste. Anne de Bellevue, QC

Contents of "Raise The Flag & Sound The Cannon"
formerly to be published with the title "Raid From Hell"

The book cover of "Raise The Flag & Sound The Cannon' by Don Davison published by Shoreline Press.
Click here for a larger version.

Table of contents
Bennett young 29
Planning 36
Ready 51
Aim 58
Fire 78
Escape 97
Collin's Run 107
Young's Run 117
Teavis's Run 133
Jail 153
Minnie's Run 162
Trials 169
Rumsey's Release 172
Queen's Decision 186
Charlie's escape 190
Epilogue 196
Historical Background 199
Sources 213
Bibliography 214
Acknowledgements 216

Vieux Montreal 1859 pg. 17
St. Albans 1864 pg. 65
Escape plan Eastern Townships QC 1865 pg. 106
" " Franklin County VT, 2001
" " Collins Run to the Border Pg. 111
Quebec Railways 1867 Pg. 132
West Berkshire 2001 Pg. 136
North Pinnacle Road Pg. 145
Stage Coach Road Pg. 149

Young (right) with six of the prisoners when they were being released. Library and Archives Canada/Miscellaneous collection/C-011724


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