Raise The Flag & Sound The Cannon

Raise The Flag & Sound The Cannon
"Raise The Flag & Sound The Cannon" formerly titled "Raid From Hell" by Don Davison is the historical novel recounting the 1864 raid on St. Albans, known as the Northernmost battle of the civil war.

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"The Wide Spread and Free Soil of the Yankee" by Don Davison. An insight into the author and his telling of the story of the raid of 1864.


Setting the scene of the American Civil War and how the St. Albans of the 1860's played such a key role role

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"Raise The Flag & Sound The Cannon".

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"Living as we do in this bucolic out of the way rural setting, it is easy to assume that History is something that happens somewhere else...

Read the Sherbrooke Record Book Review from April 24th, 2009

Reader Reviews

"Just finished the book this evening. What a pleasant way to spend a couple of rainy days.

I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

I really find a it very unique when an author takes a historical event and historical characters and blends in fictitious characters and fill ins.

The character John Rumsey is masterfully blended into this event without detracting from the real life characters and the raid itself.

I guess the biggest complement came this morning when I had laid the book down at the breakfast table and my wife picked it up.

Keep in mind while she loves history she could care very little about the details of the Civil War. But after about 5 minutes of skimming the book she asked me when I was finished to pass it on to her "because it looked very interesting".

A book well written--Kudos Don!!

Ken Sullivan
Plymouth, Michigan

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What A Difference A Play Makes
By Donald J. Davison
Knowlton, Quebec October 2007

Never did I ever think that while researching and writing, Raise The Flag & Sound The Cannon, an historical novel on the Confederate raid of St. Albans during the Civil War that I would have one of Canada's top musical composers look at me with a twinkle in his eye and say … "Well, why not make a musical comedy out of it?" So Chickasaw was born.

When you write a book, the world is before you. "Raise The Flag & Sound The Cannon*" is a story of continual movement of a bunch of bad guys creeping into St. Albans, holding up the banks, stealing horses and charging off for the apparent neutral protection of Canada 14 miles away - just like a continually moving movie screen.

* The novel had been tentatively titled "Raid From Hell" but will be published in 2008 by Shoreline Press as "Raise The Flag & Sound The Cannon"

Editors advised me to include women wherever I could - the book being an historical novel. In one case a retired American druggist told me "to give the lead male role a fling". The book needed some color. In another case a retired school board chairman told me to cut out all the cuss words. "This book could end up in school libraries." Eventually I had a military tale with some romantic subplots. However, the creation of Chickasaw was quite another matter. The play became a romantic tale with military sub plots.

From a small stage you have to tell your story through the performers in two hours or less. Narrations would put people to sleep. So emotions, conflicts, love, singing and laughter are more important than the tale to be told. Acting and singing by performers who are "bigger than life" is what counts for the story to succeed.

"Chickasaw", the musical play based on the book "Raise The Flag & Sound The Cannon" opens in a world-wide premier at Arts Knowlton, in Knowlton, Quebec on Oct 25, 2007. Tickets and information: 450 263-1061.

Visit the Chickasaw Website to read more on the Play.

Knowlton Players presents the world premiere of “Chickasaw”

Knowlton Players presents the world premiere of CHICKASAW, a new Canadian musical comedy, directed by Vesta Jorgensen, at Arts Knowlton, 9 Mont Echo Road, Knowlton, Quebec, October 25 through November 11, 2007. Thursday, Friday and Saturday performances at 8:00 PM, and Sunday Matinees at 2:00 PM. Adults $15, Townshippers members $13, students $12, children $8.

Thursday, October 25, is a benefit for the BMP Hospital Foundation. Saturday, October 27, is a Gala Evening with a wine and munchies reception following the show, and an opportunity to meet the cast. Don’t be disappointed. Reserve early. Reservations: (450) 263-1061.

This spirited tale of love, larceny, war and patent medicines is played out against an historical incident that occurred during the American Civil War resulting in a political dilemma for the Canadian courts. The action takes place in Montreal and Frelighsburg, QC, as well as St. Albans, VT.

The story is adapted from the novel “Raise The Flag & Sound The Cannon” by Don Davison. The stage play is by Roger de la Mare, with lyrics by Graham Hardman and music composed and directed by Donald Patriquin. Choreography is by Diane Cahill Yarmush, and costumes are by Linda Carey. John Rumsey, a destitute British solicitor, having been banished to Canada, ends up in Montreal.

At the urging of an old friend, Rumsey soon finds himself on the streets of St. Albans, Vermont, hawking a medicinal remedy said to be extracted from the Chickasaw Plum Tree. While he is there, Confederate soldiers arrive from Montreal where they had been planning a daring raid on the local banks of the small Vermont town. Following the robbery the bumbling Rebels flee to Canada for protection, taking Rumsey along as hostage, thereby complicating his budding romance with the widowed Minnie Green. Somehow everyone ends up in a Canadian courtroom presided over by a tipsy judge.

In the end, Rumsey’s Chickasaw Tonic proves to be a blessing in disguise. Original songs, as well as music from the Civil War period, add fun and poignancy to this swift-moving production, performed by a cast of twenty-four.

The Civil War raid is factual.
The romance is fictional.
The result is farcical.

Knowlton Players Website

Chickasaw.ca - Official website of the theatrical production


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